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Muthoot Finance Ltd., the finance wing of the Muthoot Group, was founded in 1939, by Shri M. George Muthoot. The company today is counted amongst the leading financial service providers in India & proudly boasts of the largest gold loan portfolio in the world.

The company helps millions of people, belonging to various strata of the society, make wise investment decisions. By providing feasible financial solutions, Muthoot Finance helps customers channelize their wealth in the most efficient manner. The company also offers personalized packages/services that cater specifically to your needs and suit your requirement. The financial services are rightly priced and broadly ranged so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the flexible repayment policies and customized plans even in times of liquidity crunches. Muthoot Finance Ltd. has over 4500+ branches across India (with special attention being paid to tier 2, 3, & 4 cities).

At Muthoot Finance we believe that "Gold Power" is a lifestyle. By making gold loan available easily at the lowest rates and without any hassle of documentation, Muthoot Finance makes it possible to meet fund requirements even in the time of exigency. Our service portfolio includes Gold Loans, Gold Coins, Money Transfer, Foreign Exchange, Travelsmart, Wealth Management Services and MPower Card.

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